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Download Office setup with product key where you can use Office Setup Enter Product Key for activation. Purchase the activation key and use the key for download, registration, and activation. Get Office 365 for your Windows and Mac computer devices. One can easily launch Microsoft products such as Word application Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook and get Office Setup with Product key on the computer. Once your Office Setup Product Key is used, press the activate button and activate through the Enter Product Key option.

 Redeem Office Setup Enter Product Key – Microsoft Activation Key

Proceeding for downloading and installing the Office Setup with Product key on your device, the activation key is a must that needs to redeem. The Office product key is the combination of 25 alphanumeric characters digits in the form of a code. It is available in the online store as well as an offline retailer. You can follow any of way to get the key –

Online Purchase –

For the online purchase of the product, purchase a copy of Office Setup with Product Key from the official store. You can also get It from a third party and unofficial stores. Then, check the received mail and copy it. Further, you can use the activation key.

Offline purchase –

For offline Office Setup Enter Product Key purchase, go to the retailer and buy a retail card. Then,

  • Unpack the retail card cover.
  • Check its backside.
  • Look for the hidden code and scratch it.

Once you find the key, redeem it at


Download Office Setup with Product key

Check all the system requirements before you download Office Setup with Product key on your computer. On the confirmation, follow the below steps;

Step 1 – Open your system browser and log in to the Office account from

Step 2 – Click on the Sign-In tab and log in.

Step 3 – Reach on the Office home page. Here you will see the Install Office option. Click on it.

Step 4 – According to your chosen version, click on the Install button

Step 5 – Install the Office Setup on the device after the complete download.


Install Office Setup with Product key – On Windows and Mac Computer

After the complete download of Office setup, you can install the file with below steps; 

Steps for Windows –

Step 1 – Follow one of below; 

  • If you downloaded the file from Internet Explorer or Edge, then click RUN.
  • If you use Chrome, then click SETUP.
  • In the case of the Firefox browser, hit SAVE FILE. 


Step 2 – You can also double-tap on the downloaded setup. Then, you will see a User Account Control prompt. Hence, click YES.

Step 3 – The file will extract itself to begin the Office Setup with Product key installation.

Step 4 – On the completion of the extracting file, you must see You’re all set! message. It means the office is installed now.

Step 5 – Close the window and activate setup. 


Steps for Mac –

Step 1 – Go to Downloads and double-tap on Microsoft Office installer.pkg. 

Step 2 – Click Continue, review the agreement and hit continue again.

Step 3 – Click Agree, select the installation way and hit continue.

Step 4 – Review the requirement and click Install.

Step 5 – Type the Mac password, click Install Software.

Step 6 – Complete the Office Setup with Product key installation and close the window.  

Activate and proceed for Office Setup Enter Product Key –

The activation process has a little difference in Windows and Mac. Hence, pursue below instructions of Office setup activation with enter product key;

Activation on Windows –

  • Register the key at
  • Go to the Start menu and enter any Office product name such as Word.
  • Press enter on the product software and open it.
  • From the app icon, go to the Start or welcome window.
  • Then, accept the agreement and wait for activation.


Activation on Mac –

  • To proceed with Office Setup Enter Product Key on Mac, redeem the key at
  • On your Mac, open Microsoft Word from Launchpad icon.
  • Otherwise, go to Finder, click on Applications and open Office app.
  • Click on “Get started” and login to the Office account.