Fortnite gets a performance mode

This mode will help Fortnite to run better on older PCs.

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Fortnite is now on almost every platform except iOS devices. But just as a PC can run Fortnite doesn’t imply that it runs the game well. Luckily, Epic Games is attempting to fix that with another feature named Performance Mode.

It’s no mean accomplishment that Fortnite figures out how to run just as it does on pretty much any possible platform, for example, from mobile to Switch to mobile gaming PC. Epic Games announced this Performance Mode via a blog post, which should help computers that just meet the game’s minimum specifications run Fortnite a little better from December 15th.

The company stated via the blog post that the new performance mode provides remarkable performance through visual quality trading out gains to bring down memory utilization and lighten the load on GPU and CPU. It means the game will look less great, so it doesn’t burn your hardware. Once the older hardware will be booting up by the Fortnite player, the older hardware will get the prompt for the mode update on which the Fortnite is running.

Epic claims that users who run the new mode on older machines will see an enormous lift in frame rates compared with past low-performance settings. You’ll have the option to use performance mode in both Creative and Battle Royale. Epic additionally packaged in a feature that permits players to eliminate high-resolution surfaces or textures from the installation of the game, which should keep saving a good amount of hard drive space.

Well, what we can say allover that it may at long last be possible to run Fortnite at 60 frames each second in 720p, even on the old gaming laptop or PC that you have lying around yet. You will receive the update from December 15th.

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